Free Outreach Services for Medway

Working in partnership with Medway Council to create an education and SEND training programme, we are proud to announce that we are providing a range of services for free to Medway Nurseries, Primary, Secondary schools and post-16 settings.

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Fortis Trust Outreach Service deliver training free for Medway schools and professionals.  The training will be both face-to-face and virtual (check the brochure for confirmation), to ensure that the training is bespoke to the individual setting/provision.  Fortis Trust Outreach Service(FOS) can provide for students and staff, to support those who are displaying challenging behaviours.  Through coaching & mentoring, strategies and interventions, the intended outcome is for students to remain within their lessons and to be able to access teaching and learning; as well as be able to co- and self-regulate their emotions.

Our Free Services include:

Training: Specialist: SEN Need Types

Face-to-Face and virtual professional development sessions for practitioners, with different weekly foci each term, including the following:

Positive Behaviour and De-escalation

To understand the reason for challenging behaviours and to have a toolkit of strategies to effectively defuse and manage situations.


To understand how to adapt (differentiate) work to enable all pupils to access teaching and learning.


To understand the potential barriers faced by those on the Autistic spectrum and how to effectively support these learners.


To understand the difficulties those with ADHD (both male and female) and how to effectively support these learners.


To recognise and understand the difficulties that learners with Dyslexia have and how to effectively support them to access teaching and learning.

DDD (Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia and Developmental Co-ordination Difficulties (Dyspraxia)

To be able to understand the difficulties and to recognise the signs that may indicate that learners have Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia and Developmental Co-ordination Difficulties (Dyspraxia). To have a toolkit of strategies to support these learners.

Effective Identification of Needs

To be able to effectively identify potential difficulties and barriers to learning and how these can be supported without a diagnosis.


To be able to recognise the potential barriers and difficulties for leaners with Oppositional Defiant Disorder and strategies that can be implemented to support.


To have an understanding of what Pathological Demand Avoidance (Demand Avoidant Profile) is and to have a toolkit of strategies to support these learners.

Consistency of support

How to develop a clear programme of how to consistently support learners with SEND throughout the school day which will be used by all key staff.


To be able to understand the reasons for anxiety and how it can present. To have a toolkit of strategies to be able support learners with anxiety.


To understand the reasons for developing effective transition processes. To be able to have a range of effective strategies to support at different transition points.

Term 1 & 2 Dates


Term 1 – Autism

  • Monday 9th Sept 9:30-12:30
  • Monday 16th Sept 9:30-12:30
  • Monday 23rd Sept 9:30-12:30
  • Monday 14th Oct  9:30-12:30

Term 2 – ADHD

  • Thursday 7th Nov 9:30-12:30
  • Thursday 14th Nov 9:30-12:30
  • Thursday 21st Nov 9:30-12:30
  • Thursday 5th Dec 9:30-12:30


Term 1 – Autism

  • Thursday 12th Sept 9:30-12:30
  • Thursday 19th Sept 9:30-12:30
  • Thursday 10th Oct 9:30-11:30

Term 2 – ADHD

  • Tuesday 5th Nov 9:30-12:30
  • Tuesday 12th Nov 9:30-12:30
  • Tuesday 19th Nov 9:30-12:30
  • Tuesday 3rd Dec 9:30-11:30

To sign up for the Training: Specialist: SEN Need Types, please complete the form via the link.

If you have any difficulties, please email Lorraine Lewin:

Book Here

Specialist: Outreach Service: SEND Needs

Providing high-quality support and advice to enable students with diagnosed and undiagnosed SEND to succeed in the mainstream setting within Nurseries, Primary, Secondary schools and post-16 settings.

Schools and Academies that have already tried a range of support and strategies for their young people will be able to make referrals for support of individual children who require additional support and/or new strategies to reduce challenging behaviours.

To make a referral, please complete the below form and contact Lorraine Lewin via email:

Termly SENDCo Meetings

Termly meetings for all SENDCos in Medway provisions, which will be held jointly with the Fortis Trust Outreach Service and Medway Council.

To sign up for the Termly SENDCo Meetings, please email Lorraine Lewin, via the link below.  You will then be provided with the dates and how to access the meetings.


Find out more about our team here: Fortis Trust Outreach Service